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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Parkrun Stockport

The Woodbank Parkrun 5km in Stockport in the War Memorial Park (same park different town) I would say is the best and most difficult parkrun that I have done.

There was a nice 1/4 mile walk from the car park to the start which was a bit chilly in the rain but I did not bring extra long sleeve tops even though I was up north, foolish.

The start was about 500m on an athletics track before doing laps in the park. After about 300m in the park there was a nice muddy cross country section which then joined a pathway. This point it was a step downhill were my heart rate was increasing going down hill!! There was a few bends at the bottom of the incline where you had to lean to one side to stay on the path if not you would hit a decent size tree.What goes down must go up, so there was a nice uphill section then with the recovery at the top being over 10m uneven wet cobbled section, nice. Then the rest of the lap was on pathway a bit outside the park. So when starting the second lap of the park I knew what was coming which I am not sure was a good thing but I managed to keep my high pace up. To finish there was a nice 100m on the athletics track.

I ended up 12th man to finish out of 36 and a total of 58 finishers. My time was good compared to my current times but as this is a tougher course I would need to a few more runs here to see how good it was. I will be back to run this parkrun.

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