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Thursday, March 10, 2011

50 Parkrun 5kms

I have finally got round to reviewing my first 50 Parkruns 5kms.These are race times which are from about 4 different venues but the majority are from my home race. Below is a graph of my times in minutes over time.

Parkrun 50 Times

The overall trend is for a faster time which is always a good sign despite varying courses and effort put in.

The three noticeable peaks are due to being after an ultra marathon and Ironman races where my muscles were still a "bit" fatigued for obvious reasons.

The section where my times were decreasing down to my quickest time was strangely in my Ironman training period. So perhaps the endurance training allowed me to keep a fast pace for longer plus also the mental training for the Ironman helped on a short race.

The last few the times (and since) were increasing but I was using them as part of a long run.

I have got the 50 Club T-Shirt so I am not to concerned about getting another club level but more glad of a lie in.

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