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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Isotonic Guinness

At work today after discussing various nutritional items including what multi-pack deals I had purchased recently, I came up with tonight's post exercise recovery drink of Isotonic Guinness, which is made from FCP approved products.

Isotonic Guinness

I went for the Tractor Boys blue, officially known as Powerade Ion4 Berry and Tropical flavour which about 100ml was added to a settled (expertly poured) 440ml of Draught Guinness. So it contains four of the minerals from the Powerade (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium) plus the nutritional components from the Guinness.

Isotonic Guinness

There was a bit of the blue colouring of the Guinness white head where the sports drink was poured in.

You could not taste the Powerade that much, I think at least a 50/50 ratio would be required due to the naturally strong taste of Guinness but hopefully it will help me recover from a tough few training days.

I think this would need to be repeated numerous time to scientifically prove if it aided the recovery process.

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