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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brighton Parkrun

As part of my marathon training I took part in the Brighton and Hove Parkrun. It had over twice the amount of people of the normal parkruns I do with 287 people taking part yesterday.

It was a quite big park with lots of facilities, the photos below were taking 2 hours after the parkrun.

Brighton Parkrun Venue

The Cafe is in the background which is were you get your barcodes scanned.

Brighton Parkrun Venue

It was a two and half lap route around the park on the paths (there was a mini train which did not cross the route). It was however more undulating than I thought it would be which made it slightly more challenging but had no hills as such. The laps had long sections up to about 1km to the end of the route so you could get in to a good rhythm until any short inclines.

I was taking it at a reasonable effort until the last lap when I picked up the pace a bit and then kicked about 400m from the end. My official time was 24:00 which I was pleased with, my time on my GPS was 26 something, as I had forgotten to stop it until after the scanning my barcode!!

I visited the cafe after my longer run which did have a lot of choices of cakes, coffees and teas but seemed pricey for a fried breakfast (£7.50), I just had a cup of tea sitting in the sunshine outside.

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