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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sextuple Decker Pancake

On Shrove Tuesday a.k.a. Pancake day I had a sextuple decker pancake (6 layers) and even had two fruit in it.

Below is the topping for each layer of the sextuple decker pancake (top to bottom layer), mmm.
6 = Lemon Juice, Honey and Sugar
5 = Marmite and Brown Sauce
4 = Raisins and Dark Chocolate pieces (85% cocoa)
3 = Marmalade
2 = Sliced Banana and Honey
1 = Lemon Juice and Sugar

It took me a good while to eat this but I did finish it all. Mainly due to a large lunch plus I am not sure if the marmite was a good addition or not.

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