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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Race at Sandown Park

Today I did a 10km (6.2 miles) at Sandown Park race course, it was part of the Triathlon, Cycling and Running Show this weekend. It did not start well when I got there as my GPS would not start, so I had to use my stopwatch instead.

The course was good to soft in places on a 3 lap course starting and finishing in front of the main grandstand. There was a few inclines on the course which went through the stable area and paddock before heading of on an out and back section along one side of the race track (on a road). There was only a few meters on some grass the rest was on paths some of which was spongy liked the stuff used in children's play areas for when the course get to the track.

It was a cold day but the light snow on the way there had stopped. There was 2 water stops (with sports drink of sponsor) on each lap, that 6 water stops for a 10km on a cold day!! I just had one small cup about 3/4 way round.

I decided to use my stop watch as a guide and just go by how I felt. Each lap was a bit over 2 miles (3.3 Km) so I could judge what my pace was a couple of times. I think they where all about even from the brief glance at my watch at each lap. I got lapped by the leaders when I was getting near the end of my 2nd lap, I was mentally prepared for this so it did not bother me.

From the turn around point with about 1km to go I picked up my pace a bit with a further increase after the incline. This made me had a strong finish and even over took somebody in the last 50m of the finishing straight.

My target was 54 minutes (9 minute/mile pace), however my time from my watch was 49:16 (8 minute/mile pace) which I was very pleased with as I have not done a 10km for a few years which did not have a swim and cycle before it.

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