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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Training Day

Today I did a busy training day of over 5 hours!!

I cycled out and back to a meeting, on the way there I took a more scenic route which was a few miles longer than the direct route on the way back. I had plenty of layers on which was good as the temperature was only 2c to 5c (35F to 41F) on both sections but on the way out there was some light sleet in places as well. The only thing that was slightly cold was my feet despite have two pairs of socks on include some extra thick winter cycling socks and my cycle shoes with less vents in them.

Both routes were undulating and slight head wind on the way back. I also had a ruck sack with me which added a bit more weight but I was still able to use the aero bars. In total it was 48 miles (77 km) and took me a total of 3 hours 39 minutes, I was pleased with this as this was the first ride on my main bike this year and the first time ever in this cold a condition.

Then after about an hour of thawing out and some drinks and food I went out for tonight's sessions.

First was a swim which I did 45 minutes of various drills and felt really comfortable doing this session. I could have gone for longer but I had another session to go to.

Then I went for a run a 6 mile (9.5 km) run. Not sure why I had an energy left but the pace for the first 200m was too slow for me and stepped up the pace. I was able to maintain the pace despite a couple of large hills until about 2  miles from the end when my legs where starting to get a bit heavy. I managed it in the end in under 9 minute/mile pace for the route which I was pleased with as I have not done a faster 5 or 6 mile run for a while.

May take it slightly easier tomorrow :-)

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