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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Busy Training Day

During the week I had a bit of busy day training midweek with over 5 hours of training.

I first went for a swim of 1500m wearing my tri sui. This was a fairly long pool swim for me and I did feel the back pack full up with water which may have slowed me down a bit.

After drying off a bit and putting on another top and trainers went to the other part of the leisure centre for a spin session. This was a 45 minute session which was 15 minutes longer than all my other spin sessions. I was struggling in the speed section but was lot better on the "uphill" sections.

Then I went straight on the treadmill and did 10km on a 0.5% incline in 50 minutes, I kept the same pace all the way apart from the last 1km where I gradually increased the pace by 1km/k. This felt tough at the speed I was going and was also my longest ever run on a treadmill. I then did 20 minutes on a cross trainer to warm down which was over 3 hours in the gym.

Then in the evening I did a 2km swim in 100m reps with rest in between then followed this with a 8 mile run.

I felt relatively ok doing the sessions although the next day my legs were a bit sore.

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