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Friday, May 08, 2009

Run4Fun 5km

On Wednesday I did the Run4Fun 5km in Basingstoke which is a men only charity event raising money for cancer research uk.

This was the first ever race I had done some 7 years ago so is a special race for me which I have tried to do it every year since. It is a good event as it starts and finishes on the local track and the rest is on grass around the park and pitches (football and rugby).

The first time I walked/jogged round in 40 minutes plus this year I did in 22 minutes 18 seconds (according to my watch as not a timed event). I went off at a hard but controlled pace and kicked when on the track for the last 350m and was overtaking a lot of people then. I don't think it is an accurate 5km (at most about  4.5 km) but is a fun run so does not need to be.

This year I had my Ipswich Town top on with my blue Ironman cap so I was fairly unique dressed, there was actually two other town supporters in the away black colours.

Just to mention a few people there was lots of different football shirts, a few local running clubs, fireman in full gear with breathing tanks (plus with fire engine at the end), soliders running in boots, spiderman, superman, sumo wrestlers and no norwch city fans!!

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