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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just a couple of races this morning

I did a bit of training this morning. A 5km parkrun and then the Silchester 5 mile xc fun run plus cycling to and from both races on my town bike.

At the parkrun there was free lucozade stuff including some of their new stuff out on Monday. The recovery bar was really nice, strawberry, oats flapjack with white chocolate although they did not have any of their recovery drinks.

The 5 mile was tough as there was rain and wind at the start and then about half way round. There was a couple of inclines with one big hill which I had to walk near the top as my legs were starting to get fatigued.

However I got a PB (first 5 mile race) there was also a BBQ opposite the pub, so a hot dog and Guinness was had as part of my recovery before I headed back in strong head wind but at least the rain had stopped.

I took a well deserved rest when I got back home.

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