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Friday, May 08, 2009

Another indoor sprint tri

After my main weight and core exercises at the gym I did an another indoor sprint triathlon. This time I increased the cycle section from 6km to 8km with the row still 1500m and run of 2km with 30 seconds rest in between each (so it does not matter where the equipment is in the gym).

Overall my time was 25:50 with the following section times.

Row = 6:12
Cycle = 9:02
Run = 9:34

This was a good session as the row was just 13 seconds away from my quickest time. The cycle time was under a minute more than the first time I did this despite this being 2km further, this was a fairly high effort for me. Then the run was 21 seconds quicker thean ever despite the increased effort on the bike which I maintained the speed and increased near the end.

It was a hard effort but I am pleased with the results and how I felt when doing it in a warm gym without any noticable air flow.

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