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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ironman Run

The marathon was two laps starting in the middle and heading west (virtually an out an back route with a small loop section) and then back through the main Ironman area (called Ironman City) and continuing east to Klagenfurt and back.

For my mental training I was using various techniques from Mr T mental training, to imagine the person who leads running drills shouting instructions and even the song You'll never walk alone (I am not an Liverpool fan). Plus wearing the Meningitis Trust top quitting was never going to be an option especially remembering why I was taking part for them.

The route was flat with the only inclines being going through underpasses but it was still warm. In T2 I had decided not to put a watch on and just run it based on how I feel. At each aid station I would stop have some drinks and alternate having gels and bananas and walk until I had finished them before starting to run again.
I was also using the sponges down the front of my tri suit near the shoulders and putting some wrist bands in water before wearing them. This was to cool me down due to blood vessels are closer to the skin at these points so can be used to cool down.

It was a good route as you could see people going the other way. On the way back on the first section I saw my brother at this point I knew I had a big enough advantage, he was also looking in good form.

You could tell when you where 3km (2 miles) away as you could here the finish line party music.

I was cheering other people going the other way in particular any other UK Mark's going the other way. You could tell this by your firstname and nationality being on the race number.

On the section towards Klagenfurt it followed the canal that we had earlier swam in but not as far this this. The turnaround point was in the town square around a dragon statue. There was also a bell which when rung some money was donated to a local charity. On the first lap I got a proper ring on the second lap I was slightly fatigued when I jumped the ring was bit of a wimper but both times I landed in one piece and not a heap on the floor.

On the the way out past the run special needs aid station to start the final lap, only the 13 miles to go :-)

Ironman Austria

The second lap I was able to keep a reasonable pace although I was starting to fatigue more now which was more noticeable after starting to run after the aid stations.Thankfully it was starting to get a bit cooler now but still in the 20's C. The heat and exercise must have affected me by now as when they were asking if I wanted water at the aid station phonetically I was changing the word which made me chuckle. It went from wasser (sounds like wosser) to fossa (from Madagascar film), well at this point it kept me amused at every aid station :-)

As past the run special needs station for the last time with about 10km to go I got my bag. I threw the gels to my brother as I already had enough different ones with me plus does available en route.

I also put on my go faster meningitis trust running top which I can still be sponsored online at 

It was also starting to get darker with street lights now on and some small lights on the canal path (could have been more of them). When I reached the town this time there was a lot of support near the town square but they were having meals or drinks in the bars :-(

On the last 5km or so on the way back I started to pick up the pace as much as I could and was running with another person from a london running/tri club for a while until I slowed at an aid station with a few km to go.

The last 1km was a bit of a blurr as I was going as fast as I could at that point. I remember going to high five my brother in the crowd but they were not ready to get my photo and I "sprinted" down the finish line. In retrospect I could have eased down and milked the crowd/atmosphere more.

However it is all about the M. medal.

Ironman Austria

The marathon I completed in 5:16:04 which was a fast Ironman run pace for me. From the official timings below is my pace per mile for each section (lower is better = faster). For the first 10km I started at a fast pace and then slowed down a bit in the middle 25km mainly due to using more the facilities at the aid stations. Then the last 5km I was nearly there and heading back to the finish line.


My overall time was 14:32:33 which was 58 minutes quicker than my best Ironman time which was a lot better than expected.

Off to the post ironman "recovery" food and drink.

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