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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ironman T1

Once exiting the swim and walking over the timing mat I undid the top part of my wetsuit and jogged the 20m or so to the transition area to collect my bike bag.

This was the scene the day before. On race day there was about the same amount of people in the area when I got there but the main difference the ground was quite wet so I decided to slow down before slipping over.
I found my bag really easy, as I the day before I had checked the route from the swim exit to my bag in T1. With my wetsuit half off and my bike bag I headed in to the change tent.

Ironman Austria

The ground in the change tent was very wet, so after drying myself a bit with the small towel in my bag I put in the floor so my feet and socks would not get wet before the start of the cycle. For only the second time in a race and the first time in an Ironman I was going to use compression socks that go up to just below the knee. From previous warm weather Ironman in Nice I had decided to put a short sleeve cycling top over my trisuit. I learnt this the hard way despite putting a lot of long lasting sun lotion on I got burnt shoulders which affected me a bit in the run.
Once I had all the bike clothes on I put on my SPF 50 sun lotion on, I was not taking any risks this time, however as it had been in the heat overnight it was quite runny.

Due to having my cycle shoes on with the clip bits I decided to walk to my bike as I did not want to fall over in transition which is fairly easy done after a long swim.

When walking down to my bike I passed where my brother's bike should have been but he had already gone!! I thought it should not take me too long to catch him up.

This was the picture of my bike when I checked it in the day before. Strangely when I got it in T1 it was almost an identical scene. I took care not get my cycle shoe clip to not get stuck in the paving below my bike.

Ironman Austria

I then walked my bike to the mount line. From exiting the water to this line was about 200m with the change tent as well. This explains my T1 time of 11:20.

Now off on a bit of a cycle ride.

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