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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post Ironman

After crossing the finish line I put on the Ironman finisher T-Shirt that was given with the medal and then got some post race photos taken by family members before heading to the recovery tent. You also got some sort of Ironman biscuit, which I have still not started on it some weeks afterwards!!

Luckily I had sorted out the required paperwork before the race day so that my brother could collect my bike and two bags from the transition tent while I was out on the run. The only bag I need to collect was the streetwear bag which I put on some of the clothes that I had a lot earlier in the day apart from a new finisher t-shirt medal which I wore for a few more hours walking round with a bit of a limp/muscles soreness.

After I had changed I had some of the recovery food and drink, pizza slices  but they had ran out of the frankfurters ;-(  so I had to have a few more of the official race beer :-)

I then had a session on an acoustic bed which from what I could gather should help the muscles recover.

Then headed back to the finish line party area which seems more dramatic in the dark night sky. They did have a massive tv screen and good loud sound system with the crowd jumping, not forgetting to Put your Hands up in the Air !!

I joined with my family that were over to cheer people in. My brother came in quicker then he had planned and under the 17 hours and so became the second Ironman in the family.

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