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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ironman T2

The T2 was the same as T1 but in the opposite direction.

As I got off the bike at the dismount line decided to walk instead of run as my legs were starting to become fatigued plus I was still wearing my cycle shoes. So after racking my bike (somebody had stuck theirs in my rack position), so I used the next available slot.

I then walked down to the transition tent while taking my cycle helmet, glasses and gloves off. I then decided to use the facilities available which was bit of a pain as I had to take my cycle top off and tri suit shoulder straps. I then got my run bag and headed in the change tent which was only slightly cooler.

For the run I had a change of tri suit so I dried myself and cool down using a towel as best I could before changing tri suits. I then put on a fresh pair of knee length compression socks and Ironman running cap. I then put on my new K Swiss Ironman running shoes which are designed for this event, with extra ventilation points all over and under the shoe.
Plus this race I had remembered to put my race chip back on after changing socks. I then put on a lot of SPF 50 lotion and vaseline for any running friction points, however both products had turned into an almost liquid state.

I put the cycling gear in to teh bag and dropped it ate the bag point on the way out of the tent and headed to the run exit (run start also was the way in from swim).

Some how my T2 was 19:40 !!! Not sure where all that time went but I was preparing myself for the run after the long cycle ride in the heat.

Off next to the warm down marathon run. ;-)

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