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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All my Ironman Austria Reports

Below are all my Ironman Austria Reports. I separated them out as they seemed more logical to do and some had a few photos and even video.

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To get the Ironman Austria experience you should really listen to this song while reading them.

Pre Race

Exercise Pre Ironman (

Pre Ironman (

Getting ready for Ironman (

Ironman Austria Race Day

Ironman Race morning (

Ironman Swim (

Ironman T1 (

Ironman Cycle (

Ironman T2 (

Ironman Run (

Post Race

Post Ironman (

Review of Ironman Performance (

Race photos and support was provided by some of my family that were over in Austria supporting us. The pre race photos are what I took in the build up to the race.

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