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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review of Ironman Austria Performance

Overall I was very pleased with my time of 14:32:33 but there is still room for improvement.

Generally it would help if I was at least 1 stone (7 Kg) lighter, although this would still put me in the lower end of the overweight BMI category.

In general I was happy with my race day nutrition including breakfast, I had tried a few things out in the days before the race including the race sports drink. It would have been better if I had actually trained using the sports drink though.

For the swim if I had trained with two swim caps I should have kept with that. The water was not the significantly warmer then in the UK just a lot clearer. Due to the clear water I was happy to risk using pool goggles on race day instead of a swim mask which I normally use for OW swims.

T1 and T2 I just need to practice reducing the time and possibly run/jog to change tent and stop faffing around.

The cycle I need to do more long distance rides of 4 hours plus. I was pleased that the spin classes helped me keep a higher cadence than normal and also the pilates and core session help maintain my bike position. The nutrition on the bike I was ok with and for the last hour and a bit did not have any solid food (energy bars or bananas) to ensure it had digested before I started the run.

For the run I need to do some longer brick sessions (bike to run) or even if possible some longer runs at about half marathon distance. I had been doing more shorted but high intensity runs which I felt did help me out.

It would also help to do a few more half ironman distance events in the build up instead of just the one but this limited by the number available in the UK before this race.

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