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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Additional Mental training technique Mr. T style

At the start of the month Mr. T was over in the UK promoting a chocolate bar and was on a few programs I listen/watch (plus some I don't) and some of his jibba jabba made sense for training and races.
The link to Mr. T is only included so you can learn more about the T, I pitty da fool who does not know who Mr. T is.

One of the programs he was on BBC Radio 1 on the Scott Mills show, it can be downloaded from his podcast.

One of the bits made sense about training, he was talking about the build scenes in the A-Team and life in general.
It was something like; take a deep breath and use what you have in front of you. It may not be ideal but it is all you have to work with.

Using this principle and watching the videos below the next day I set a new PB on a 5km parkrun course.

Mr. T - Outside Swimming Training

I will have to remember this when I start open water swimming again.

Mr T - Running Training

This will be good training when I start to slow down on a run.

This was not shown in the UK because it is homophobic, I thought it was just taking taking the mickey out of speed walkers, even Mr T was surprised.

I just need a Mr T cycling video and that would cover the three triathlon disciplines.

Mr T the Football Referee

Obviously after this the player would be cautioned (yellow card) for unsporting behaviour and the game restarted with a drop ball as there was a non player (Mr T in a tank) on the pitch when the ball was in play.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks so much for this. Keep em posts coming, find them so interesting. Anyways, I am a swimming instructor for those of you looking for some swimming lessons