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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sundays Training

On Sunday I did a half hour swim in the morning. I wanted to do some exercise in the morning but not too much to affect the afternoon.

In the afternoon I refereed a football (soccer game). It had nearly all weather conditions. While we were waiting to get in the changing facilities still in our cars, it started to rain heavily followed by some hail.  It was raining heavy while I did the pitch inspection which I had to put water proof jacket on. Just before the quick off the rain stopped until a few minutes from the end of the half. It was still windy and cold.

At half time I put on another base layer, I had a few on already but not were full length sleeves apart form my referee top.

Before the start of each half I had half a mars bar with some gatorade which seemed to help with my nutrition.

The second half the wind got stronger occasionally it seemed that we where running flat out in to the wind and hardly moving. There was even a rainbow so I think the only type of weather we just missed out on was snow and thunder!!

The game was totally one sided, with one team near the top of the league and the other near the bottom but I got a good speed workout out of it and my specific match fitness was ok.

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