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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Referee Run Test

As part of the fitness test for referee's at higher levels you have to a 12 minute run which you have to cover a certain amount of distance. I did it on a flat section of road with a few bends, normally it is done on an athletics track.

For local park level the guideline is 2200m and 2500m is requirement for level 3 and 4. For the fitness test 2500m is pass certificate and 2900m is a bronze fitness award.

During the run my legs felt fine but my heart rate was really high. I did not have my Heart Rate Monitor or GPS device on to get the actual data. However using a mapping site I did 2600m which is higher than the minmum for higher levels and is a pass certificate for the fitness test.

Also as part of testing have to do two 50m sprints in under 7.5 seconds, I left that due to the swim and 1 mile run to the start.

I will leave this until there is more people doing the test and medical equipment available.

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