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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ultra Marathon Training Weekend - Part 1

This weekend as my big training weekend for the Ultra Marathon next month I am running 20 miles on conescutive days, using a run/walk method which hopefully will not fatigue my muscles as much as a constant run would.

Today's plan was run to a 5km timed run then run back home taking it to about 12 miles at that point and then switch over drinks and quick pit stop.

There was a noticeable chill in the air when I started to run with the ground being frosty not icy. As I had a bit of time before the start of the 5km I tool a slightly different and longer route their. Part of it was a footpath next to the railway track that I forgot about which there was some rabbits there in frosty grass. As time was getting on towards the run start I turned off half way down and headed of the the run.

For the 5km run I was planning to take it easy and use it as a practice session not to get carried away with the other runners and go to fast, this was in mind of the race tomorrow. I started right near the back of the pack  of runners and went off at an easy pace. I let the club member go off without me trying to beat them. Only a couple of times I was going faster than planned which I noticed by how I felt and confirmed by my GPS information. Although with about 0.5 km to the end a woman decided to go a bit faster and try and overtake me. Little did she now that I was keeping a lot in reserve a quick burst down and up a slope put a reasonable gap between us. My time was just over 30 minutes which I think the only over time slower than this I have done was my first ever race when I was even more heavier. This was the plan to get about this pace so I was happy with that.

I then went off and did a loop of outer section of the park before heading back. I then rejoined the earlier pathway were I had left off. This took me to an industrial estate but the parts of it I did not realise existed. I knew were I was due to the location of the railway line and ring road.

I then switched drinks and then did 3 loops of the surrounding area. When I got to about 14 miles I was starting to struggle but a few miles later I was ok. I did hear a woodpecker in the trees but I did not want to stop and look as I was only a few miles from the end and was exhausted.

The pace was not great but I was aiming for the the 20 miles which I did and the long time on my feet.

The kit options I had were good, GPS watch and another watch just looping the 25 and 5 minute sections. The running kit was good apart from the waterproof could have just been another breathable layer.
Nutrition was good I had a couple of isotonic gels and 2 bottles of isotonic drink, I could have done with more and having them at regular intervals and not leaving long gaps between them. After I got back I had some recovery milkshakes, crisps and tea which helped me recover a bit.

After a further couple of hours recovering I then went and got some treat food (I know you should not reward yourself with food but was a one of). I got a Spam Fritter and Chips with salt, vinegar and brown sauce, mmm.

Bring on day 2 of the Ultra Marathon training weekend!!!

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