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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two main sessions

Today I did two main sessions AM and PM.

In the morning I cycled to the pool (about 4 miles) and then swam for 1 hour. I was quite surprised that I managed it as I only did a couple of long pool sessions when Ironman training. I then cycled back home. The wind seemed to change direction and I had a slight head wind both ways.

I then had to eat and drink a bit to be ready for the afternoon's session.

In the afternoon I was an assistant referee at a county cup semi final. The first half was ok and I was expecting the second half to be a lot tougher but it was ok. There was a few controlled sprints I had to do which I was fine with, the hardest thing was remembering to press the buzzer on the flags to notify the referee (I had not used these before).

After the game they home team had provided some food, it would have been rude if we did not have a couple of hot dogs, sandwiches, crisps and cake.

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