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Friday, February 06, 2009

No Exercise Today

As there was only 1cm snow this morning and very little snow predicted I though it would be ok drive to work today instead of walking like I did for the last few days.

The drive to work was ok it did start to sleet a bit. When I got to work it snowed for most of the day!!

So by the time I left the car park was a bit more interesting plus there was about 5cm of snow everywhere. Typically the only place where there were a lot cars was were I had parked. So I had to be careful giving the revs enough to get out but not too much so I could not stop before hitting a car.

Once I got of the site the main ring road and other roads were all jammed which made the stop starting in the snow and icy a bit interesting, espically up a slip road where my car wheels were spinning but I was not going anywhere.

When I finally got home it took me 5 minutes longer driving today than it did to walk back!!

If there is any doubt in the weather next week I think I will walk it.

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