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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wokingham Half Marathon

On Sunday I took part in the Wokingham Half Marathon. The plan was to take it nice and easy at marathon pace for the first 10 miles and then pick up the pace for the remaining 3.1 miles, that lasted just a few strides.

I think the problem was caused by the cold, wind and light drizzle so I wanted to get back quickly in to the dry and warmth plus I was with a group of club mates. We started of at a fast pace which I thought we would soon easy back but the first 3 miles got quicker and quicker. They stayed fast in the 8-9 minute mile range for the rest of the race until the person said can we get back in 12 minutes to set a new PB. The 12th mile was done in 7:52 and the mile pace for the remainder was 5:23 and we got back just under 1:50 which was the fastest I had done for a while and the person I paced got a 7 minute improvement on there PB.

During the run I was trying a new watch in race for the first time which I had set regular intervals for drink and food which I maintained throughout the race and felt ok. I had also tried three new food/drinks in the hour or so before the race which luckily was ok as well.

The recovery food included a home made chocolate fudge cake that one of the group had made, other recovery food included some 81% cocoa chocolate and dark chocolate jaffa cakes :-)

The only problem with the race (excluding the weather) was the medal had a yellow and green ribbon :-(

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