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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pasta with Custard Doughnut

I got some strange looks and comments at lunchtime for my lunch, it was a well balanced meal which had all the main food groups. It was a pasta, sliced smokey sausage, spicy baked beans and custard doughnut and it tasted really good.

Below are cooking guidelines, if you are interested in making it.

Pasta (about 150g of Tricolore Fusilli) cooked with no salt in water for 12 minutes, drained and some olive oil and a sprinkle of lemon juice added. Then about 30g of a pre-cooked smokey sausage was sliced thinly and added.
While the pasta was cooking a tin of baked beans a dollop of brown sauce and a squeeze (about 1 tbsp) of Marmite was added and mixed in. Then a sprinkling of spices (black pepper, hot paprika and ginger) was added mixed in and microwaved for 4 minutes stirring half way through.

About 1/3 of this was packed up in a tupperware container. Then the following day this was heated up in a microwave for 90 seconds, then a custard doughnut was added and the lid added and left to settle for a few minutes at my desk. Then the slightly warm doughnut was cut up in to chunks which allowed the custard flavoured filling to settle in to the pasta which made a really nice starchy and sweety meal.

Not sure of the exact amount of food groups but contained carbohydrates (both starchy and sugary), protein, fat and fibre and tasted great.

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