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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Training Sprint Triathlon

This weekend I did an early morning sprint triathlon. The limiting time factor was the the availability of the swimming pool. So as a warm up I cycled the few miles there on my town bike and had a ruck sack with some kit in both of these provided extra resistance on the bike sections.

I then swam 1000m in about 23 minutes at a comfortable pace. I could not do much more as the pool was about to close.

I then cycled for about 50 minutes going across the town with a few hills en route. Then I did a few loops so I could minimize the time between cycle and the run.

As the run part was a Parkrun 5km. My legs were heavy when I started off in the run but I went off fast so I could get through the people who had started too far forward then they should. Once I got past them in the first 100m I then slowed down a bit but maintained a fast pace following a group of runners.
When the mile splits came up on my GPS I was shocked as they where quite fast for me and they where fairly close for each of the 3. In the end my time was 1:21 quicker than my PB there!! This was a pleasant surprise as all the exercise and getting up early.

I took the few miles cycle back at a more leisure pace and as a nice warm down.

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