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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Long Run and Cake

Did a nice long 11.3 miles midweek run before dinner in a total of 103 minutes. This did include a 1.44 mile Time Trial about 2/3 away round in a total time of 10:31.

Then after a couple of easy miles we stopped for some chocolate cake that somebody had made. I was glad of this as I had ran out of isotonic drink and I had no gels with me so I had two pieces!!

I did leave a few minutes before continuing with the last couple of miles, I think I should have eased in to the run more but I made it all the way round ok.

This was a good endurance run with a faster section in the middle. It also allowed me to try some food so my stomach was in a non optimal state when running the last few miles, this could be useful practice for the ironman based on past races.

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