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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducing El Tractoro Prime

After work I did a  quick spin in the countryside and cycled 23 miles in 81 minutes (an average of 17.1 mph), which did include some inclines in the countryside and traffic lights/stops in the town.

For the first 1 hour it ended up like a Time Trial as I did 18 miles down to the nearest 0.01 mile!!

The speed must have been due to the name I thought up for my bike , "El Tractoro Prime".

With the aerobars I was thinking El Torro due looking like a bulls horns but then a tractor went past I thought that sounds better plus goes with my cycling at a relatively slow pace (normally) but powerful!!
Then the prime is from Optimus Prime toy got my nephew which has the sound affect when it transforms (didn't have that in my day we had to make our own sound affects), that is mental trigger for me when I "transform" in to my aero position.

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