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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Swim and Cross Country Run

Tonight I did a swim and then run. I was going to a road run but decided to go with the rest of the club on a cross country run as my tri on sunday has XC run.

About a mile in a person in front of me fell over a tree stump but did a forward tumble and was back running at there normal fast pace. It was quite impressive to see but I thanked them for finding the tree stump and then laughed. About another 2 miles on the karma caught up with me.

I was going through a muddy section and thought how bad could it be as it has not rained for ages. Even though my shoe was double knotted it came off and was deep enough down for mud to get in the top!!!
After I got the shoe out of the mud and scoped the mud from the inside the next couple of miles was interesting underfoot in my not so white running socks. Luckily where we finished there was a tap outside so I got the worst bits off the outside but I did take my shoes and socks off before I went inside to change.

Then to top this off there was a school trip leaving in a coach and you never guess whose car was in a position that the coach could not make the turn out. Apart from that it was a fine evening.

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