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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fritton lake triathlon

Last weekend I took part in the Fritton Lake Triathlon Olympic (standard) distance, 1500m lake swim, 40km cycle and a 10km cross country run. It was also the first time me and my younger brother had done the same triathlon distance which we started in the same wave.

The day started well as it looked like the forecasted rain was not there. I also was able to completely do up my wetsuit on my own for the first time ever!!

The swim I felt comfortable pace not as fast as I could do. I felt my legs were lower in the water creating more drag/resistance which would slow me down. Based on my training times I was expecting 40 minutes but I did it in 30 minutes.

When I got to T1 my brother was just ahead of me getting ready although he did initially forget his number belt.

The tranistion (T1) I got my wet suit off fairly quickly but my base layer long sleeve cycle top was a bit of a struggle due to me being wet. I also put on another short sleeve layer as the temperature was cool and propect of rain. Turns out I took 5 minutes (including run in and out of transition) and was the slowest. I must work on that a bit more.

The cycle I felt good, I was eating solid food every 30 minutes and having some sports drink and gels. I was also using the aerobars which felt helped me. I overtook my brother about 1/3 in to the lap which was further than I thought due to the two hills on the first part of the lap. This was a two lap course which I felt good on and I was overtaking quite a few people with nobody passing me.

T2 felt quick for me as I had left my shoes on the bike on the way in to the dismount line. Apart form taking off the cycle helmet, glasses and gloves I just had to switch socks and running shoes. I did this in under 3 minutes which I was pleased with. In both transitions I did not forget any kit or nutrition that I was using for the next section.

The run was a 10km cross country route but in the opposite direction than the previous time I had done this course. They had very significantly drained one section (about 3km) which was previously mud up to your knee but this time was bone dry. The only thing was to look for your footing as the grass was fairly high and the ground was rock hard. It was a very pleasant run which I enjoyed. Only one person overtook me near the start while I was making some kit changes before I got further in to the run, after that I kept him in sight and we overtook a few others as we went round.

I completed it in 2:48 which I was pleased with. The swim time was a shock and the bike average speed was high 18.4 mph and the run of 50 minutes was good.

However looking back at the race a few years ago I was a few minutes slower this time but I am not sure where the T1 and T2 times are included.
But I did not fell that shattered afterwards, I even had to a krypton factor style challendge within a few minuts of finishing, I had to make my nephews optimus prime transform in to the truck.

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