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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not so good Swim and Cycle Sessions

Today I had a not so good training.

I got up slightly later than planned but stable able to go to lake swim using my shiny new pirate swim hat. Although the base swim hat I was using I think was too low and affected my googles which I had to adjust a number of times while in the lake. Also my swim technique was worse than normal I think I was affected by the googles.

I did a few minutes on the spin bikes (easy) on the lakeside afterwards. I did get two types of nuun salt tablets.

When I got back home the weather did not look that great so I waited a few hours before going out on my bike (what a wuss!!). When I did start I got a few miles in before there were some light showers but luckily it passed.

I was doing a course I had plotted on a map to my GPS not realising the inclines and the road conditions but it was a good training ride of 80 minutes. I was meant to do more laps but due to time an weather I thought it best not to overdue it after yesterdays efforts.

I also tried out the cola Nuun tablet in my drink which was ok and my new cycle socks.

So hopefully if I make it out the swim ok at my next triathlon and the rest should then be an easy 6 hours+ of exercise in the countryside. Although I am more confident about the cycle than run which is a first even though I have done this race before.

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