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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A bit of light training

Today I did a bit of light training.

I started it after midday as I thought the higher temperature (25C+) would give a bit more resistance to the training. Making sure I put on SPF 30 on me.

I did a 60 mile cycle which was a good course as it had a mixture of big hills, fast sections and sections to concentrate on the country lanes. There was also a shop about half way which I stopped at again to top up my drinks, I resisted buying any food there.
I tried a couple of new lucozade products that I got a parkrun a few weeks ago which were good. I would get them again for other training and even races. One was an energy bar which was ideal for the bike which was not to chewy and tasted ok. The other was a lemon sports drink in powder form, which was easily added to some water I got and then added a salt tablet. Although it is designed for 500ml not 750ml bottle I was using so it was a bit weaker but it helped.

After a quick few minutes when I got home I then went for a 1 hour run in the heat. Although I went off too fast at the start and flet it as I went round. I decided to try the run/walk method that I have used for long runs. So after 25 minutes of running I walked for 5 minutes when I had a gel and some more drink. I then went off running again for another 30 minutes to complete the hour. I complete 5.5 miles in that time in the heat and after the long cycle ride.

So after this training I have signed up for a Half Ironman distance triathlon in a couple of weeks time. I will use this run/walk method in this race, it will be the first time I have used it in a triathlon so could be interesting.

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