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Monday, April 06, 2009

Indoor Sprint Dry Triathlon

In a triathlon magazine I noticed that one the main triathlete's uses indoor triathlon's as part of his training. After a quick google for this I found the following sprint distance which is done in a gym and takes under 30 minutes to complete. Below are the distances used.

1,500m Row
30 second Rest
6km Cycle
30 second Rest
2km Run on treadmill

The 30 second rest you can not start the machine up or moving on it. It allows you to get to the equipment from the previous equipment without having to rush to it.

Row = 6:23

Cycle = 8:08

Run = 10:15

Total (including T1 and T2) = 25:49

This was after doing some weights and core workouts in the gym.

It was harder than the normal cardio workout I do at the gym as I was giving more effort.

For the rowing machine I when I occasionally use it I do just 5 minutes at a comfoartable pace. So when getting to about 1,000m at a higher pace it was starting to get harder.

Then on the cycle I was keeping it at a high caedence of 90-100 rpm and adjusting the level to keep in this zone. For about the last 0.25 km I decreased the level so I could spin my legs more in preparation for the run.

On the run the first minute is tough as it is a brick session which I had to keep the speed down to just above a jog. I could then gradually start to increase to the faster run and ending on quite a fast pace for me.

This is a good session as I am doing faster pace than normal even though it is a lot shorter. However the theory is that helps with muscle memory and therefore will be able to train the muscles with the movements that are required.

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