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Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007 Review

This my review of last year in terms of races/training and weight loss.

The main goal was becoming an Ironman (already signed up for my next Ironman). I learnt some lessons from this being having the right kit for the conditions which I did not have. Also the amount of training could have been increased. I also did my first open water swim in a river, which was in the River Thames in the Windsor Triathlon. This year I did my two longest swims both in lakes a 2km and a 3.8km swim, it may have been more than that due to my open water navigation skills with a bit of zig-zagging on the course.

Then later in the year I then did 2 Marathons in a weekend, the second one did seem to be harder than normal.

However last year I gained 5 1/4lbs (2.4 Kg), this was gradually increasing throughout the year and not in a massive gain. This year I am planning to correct this.

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