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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fritton Lake Parkrun

On Saturday I took part in the inaugural Fritton Lake Parkrun.

For some reason I put on a short sleeve top and not hat, despite the maximum temperature being 8c not taking in to account the wind-chill which I think made it 4c. Normally I would have had multiple layers on.

So at the start I decided to go of fast to keep warm. The course was two laps and was a multi-terrain course which had been made a lot muddy by the recent rain and a horse that appeared to have recently been though the course.

The start was on some gravel path until going over some grass to the edge of the lake that followed the path back for 1.5km before joining a the gravel path for a few 100m's back to the start and then repeat it.
However the route was now a bit more muddy in places and the section near the end was also slippery so I did not have enough traction for a sprint finish. However I was pleased with my time and position.

I enjoyed this parkrun despite it having more mud than our XC races this year.

It was too cold for me to do a lake swim but other times it will be a good option to add to the training. Also did not go on the swings and slides :-(

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