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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Busy Training Day

Today I was using some of the ideas from the training camp I went on a couple of months ago.

The day started with a nice 1km pool swim followed by a 3 1/4 hour spin session in the gym. Being a far weather cyclist I did not fancy going for a ride today it was a bit murky and I thought there would be a lot more debris on the countryside roads and therefore my likely to get a puncture. On the plus side it was good mental training to be able to do that length of time in the gym and some good speed work. Luckily I am not going to any spin classes at the gym this week.

Then for a late lunch I had a large meat pizza :-) It hard plenty of carbs, protein, fats and sodium, although unlike on "holiday" I did not have any beer with it or eating it out in the sunshine.

Then this evening I ran over 11 miles with the first 6 miles being at a steady pace and the last 5 miles being a group fartlek session. Surprisingly I felt ok at the end and even had a sprint finish.

It was a good 6 hours of training today :-)

Then for evening meal I had less than normal as I had a bigger lunch, normally that would have not stopped me and I would have the regular (large) size.

I also doubled up my iron(ing)man training by ironing 8 shirts as well.

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