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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Post Outlaw Performance Review

I was pleased with my swim time and I did not feel too cold at any point of the swim and was feeling quite strong at the end and felt could go further.

T1 was a shorter distance but I was better prepared for the conditions plus we had official help getting the wet suit off.

The cycle I had a good overall time although the distance had started to affect me at about 75 miles but I managed to maintain a good pace to the end.
 It is an average speed of 16.1 mph and from my GPS data I had maximum speed of 32.5 mph.

The graph below is my speed v distance, with the red line being my average for the complete course.


From it you can see the two points I stopped were the speed dips to zero. I am surprised at the amount of miles I was above my average speed. You can see the end part of the lap which is about 10 miles of above average speed about 30 miles apart, although the last lap it was not as fast as the other laps which would indicate muscle fatigue due to lack of long cycle rides. However for the remaining 10 miles when the adrenaline kicked in I still maintain a high speed. It also shows from about 75 miles there was more frequent slower sections again due to lack of long cycle rides.

T2 I was prepared for a quicker transition while on the end of the cycle, I minimised the amount of things I had to change which helped plus I also had a pit stop so thee could even be further room for improvement.

The run I went of faster than planned but I was able to maintain a run for most of the course while maintaining a reasonable pace. My average pace for the marathon was 11:18 minutes per mile.

From the graph below from my GPS device, the red line is my average pace for the complete course.


The spikes are when I walked through the aid stations and are fairly evenly spaced out. The course was virtually flat so there was no incline to slow the pace down apart from when going under one bridge. The fast spike down at 6 miles must be a GPS data issue when passing underneath the football stadium.

You can see I went off at a fast pace for the first mile. I the slowed down to a more suitable pace for the marathon and was faster than the average pace until 12.5 miles when I hit a bit of a hard patch during the race. After this for the next 10 miles I was maintain a fairly constant pace just a bit slower my race average pace. Then from 22 miles for 2 miles I picked up my pace this must have been at the last turnaround point and heading back to the finish. My slowed than for 2 miles when getting in to the lake area. Then for the last 1/2 mile I picked up the pace again. Strangely the last 200m of the race was my fastest pace at 7:59 minutes per mile.

I also got my nutrition fairly good and was only near the end of the run that I got a bit of an iffy stomach.

I enjoyed this event so much I have gone from not doing any long (ironman) distance triathlons next year to planning on doing this event again.

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