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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outlaw T2

Before heading in to the transition tent I decided to use the facilities provided which also gave me a chance to cool down a bit and let my heart rate slow down a tiny bit.

I have done the run route a couple of times before as part of the Nottingham marathon, so I knew it could get cool if there was any wind, it was warm at this point but there was a lot of ominous looking clouds on the way in from the cycle.  So I decided to keep the trisuit and short sleeve cycle top on just changing socks over to a fresh pair of knee high compression socks and taking all the other cycle gear off including the race number belt. I then put on another race number belt which I had previously attached some gels that I was planning to use near the end of the race. I put a few of the gels I had spare in to my cycle shirt back pocket just so I had something different to the race supplied gels.

While putting on my running shoes (and race chip) I thought I was starting to hallucinate.  I thought I saw somebody wearing a Norwich city top (I am an Ipswich Town supporter), while I was still getting ready for the run he had already got a head start on me.

As I ran of transition I put my running cap on and started my GPS watch. I had decided this time to use a) a watch and b) my GPS watch for this run.

My time for T2 was 7:15 which is another PB.

Now just to run a marathon to finish with.

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