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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outlaw Race Morning

All week I had been getting up gradually earlier from my normal time to about 5am, this was practice before the race day alarms at 3:45am. This is to get breakfast in times so it is digested before starting the swim.

I had my usual combination of a cup of tea, sports drinks and flapjack. I also had some porridge which only needed hot water to be added, this was ideal for the hotel room. I had tried this out a few days earlier to ensure it did give me a dodgy stomach.

Then I just had to put water in my sports drinks (same stuff in Ironman Austria) to start the cycle with and my drinks for pre race. Then taken my dry kit bag (for after race) and my stuff needed for the swim with me as well.

I put on my race timing chip at this point to ensure I did not forget it!!

We then had a 30 minute drive across to the other side of the city. I was glad of not camping opposite the venue or being in the city due to the noise from the musical festival. We got directed to the parking space which was at the far end of car park. At least I got a bit of a warm ensuring that I did not fall over any ruts in the grass/dried mud.

The Outlaw Triathlon 2010

There was also a few pre race testing of the facilities on the way to transition area ;-)

Once I put the food and drink on my bike and the reminder in my swim/bike bag I headed back to start area. Due to the lack of space in the transition tent I gave my brother my dry kit bag to put back in my car, this would also help from not getting wet after the amount of swimmers in the race.

With some help to do up my wetsuit on I now headed to the lake side for the swim.

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