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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outlaw T1

I jogged the short distance (10m) to the transition tent while undoing the top of my wetsuit. Before going in the transition tent we were told at the race briefing that our wet suits had to be off.

The Outlaw Triathlon 2010

To help with this they had marshals there to help you out of the wetsuit. I was told by one of the marshals to sit on the floor and he would pull it off, it was the quickest I had got a wet suit off .

The transition tent was relatively small compared to the 800 competitors doing the triathlon. However the bags were in numbered order in the middle with the change sections on either side.  On the swim it looked like the sun was going to get out and not much cloud so I had decided to go for the short sleeve cycle top over the top of my trisuit instead of the long sleeve top I had planned to use. The rest of my kit remained the same, knee high compression socks, pair of cycle socks (St Georges cross on them) plus remembering my race chip on. I had also decided to put my cycle shoes on so that my socks did not get too before starting the long cycle ride.

In addition I put on a buff scarf and skull cap as it could be windy in places which they had mentioned in the race briefing.

I dropped my bag at the exit to the tent on the way to my bike while doing my gloves up.

The Outlaw Triathlon 2010

My T1 time was 9:06 which is a record for me.

Next stop a bit of a cycle ride.

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