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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot and Hilly Cycle Ride

This weekend I decided to do a fairly long cycle ride for me of 62 miles (100 Km). Not sure why I thought starting at 11:30am in 31c heat was a good idea.

The first 20 miles I was quite quick for me with a lot of time on the aerobars. The next 20 miles surprised me by how hilly they were especially when I knew the next 10 miles were hilly, hence my pace dropped down a bit. I was starting to get a bit dehydrated and/or the effects of the heat. The mobile take away was not in its usual place whihc I had planned to get some drinks from, the nearest shop I knew was back about 2 miles but I wanted to keep heading home. Then I remembered there was a supermarket petrol station only a mile or so away. When I got there I down 0.5l of cold drink and put the other in one of my drinks bottles for the remaining 10 or less miles.

I had two bananas while going around along with my 1.5l of drink (isotonic and minerals drinks) but I did not want nay of the food I had with me, must have timed having porridge correctly.

In the end I made it back in 4:12 which was an average of 14.8 mph which I was glad I made it back in the hot weather.

What a difference a couple of weeks make both hilly but one in 8c, wind and rain and the other in 31c, with a slight cooling breeze and sunny.

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