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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Evening Open Water Aquathon

Tonight I did an evening OpenWater Aquathon. It started with a 750m lake swim and then a 5.1km run.

There was only about 10 people doing it, so there was not much of a mass start so started in the middle to get my swim start confidence. Most people left me standing in the first few strokes but there was a few other people at my pace plus the others lake swimming. In the last half of the straight I think I was catching some people up. I was sighting the buoys quite well and did not go too far of course but had not much arm power after the weights earlier in the week due to DOMS. The only issue was the amount and height of the weeds in places but good practise for my main race.

Transition was quick for me, once reached it from the lake which included climbing a ladder!! I had laid my running stuff out including an extra t shirt rolled to to get on easy when wet.

The run was 3 laps around the lake and a cross country style apart from the short section across the car park. I tried some different running shoes which was ok for this type of terrain but will need to try on other surfaces before using in main race. I was getting faster on each lap despite the swams of flies on the far side of the lake, I was glad a had a hat on so I did not get many on my face or swallow.

Based on memory I think my times were told to me as I went through each checkpoints was 16 minutes swim and 24 minute run.

Learning Points

On swim stay focused on stroke ignoring pace others around and amount of weeds.

For transition lay the kit out in correct order and prepared to get on when wet. Also have a towel to wipe feet on and stand on when putting shoes on to avoid getting geese poo on socks and in shoes.

On the run know the route and surface and have suitable footware.

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