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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Triple Race Weekend

This weekend I did three running races with cycling to each race.

Yesterday I cycled to a 5km and strangely I had a fast time for me despite feeling not at a really fast pace. I then cycled about 12 miles to a 5 mile XC race. That was again at fast pace for me and even a sprint finish for th elast bit on the village playing field. I then cycled back luckily it was back wind.

Then today I did a longer warm up cycle of about 22 miles before doing a 10 mile running race. I would have liked to cycle further but I had to collect my race number on the day. The route I picked I saw a few miles of the run route on the way in to the village, which surprised me how undulating it was. The race I started at a fairly fast pace but slightly eased back on the bigger hills to conserve muscle strength for the end. It allowed me to pick up the pace in the last few miles and even more in the last half mile. My cycle and race nutrtion for the was ok and was fairly warm day.

The cycle back I took the more direct route and was a bit of a struggle in to a slight head wind and some sports of rain.

At both of the last races I did not have any of the food they had which included bbq, burgers, chips, ice-cream and tandoori, must be training harder now.

I was planning to do some lake swims on both days but I decided against that, it will have to wait until next week.

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