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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Lake Swim of the Year

Tonight I finally did my first lake swim of the year!!

There was a lot of grey cloud around and some light rain was forecasted for later on with the temperature (form my car) was 14c and the water temperature was reported as 17.5c but I still decided to do the swim.

After finally getting my wet suit on with some help from a running and tri club mate who had just finished and I then went to the lake entry point were the support person was. With in a second of getting the water due to the cold temperature I could not catch my breath, feel my hands or feet and peed myself. After a few seconds of deep breathing to calm myself down I did a few breast strokes with putting my face in to the water a couple of times I was ok and headed off on the swim lap.

I was having a good swim I decided to do two laps of the lake instead of the planned one lap. I was relatively pleased with my time but had a few technical issue which I could work on in the pool.

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