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Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Update

This week I have done over 12 hours of training which was made of the following percentages by time.

46% Walking
20% Running
16% Cycling
10% Cross Training
7% Swimming

The walking was mostly made up from the long charity walk.

The running included various session plus some time on treadmill. Including another Parkrun 5km PB, a 5km run part of an Aquathon and 4 mile run in the sprint triathlon.

The cycling include some cycling in a gym including a spin session. The main session was in the sprint triathlon.

The swimming was a low percentage of time but did include a OW swim in race conditions and a pool based triathlon.

The main areas I need to develop are longer cycle rides and longer swims "preferably" open water (lake) based.

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