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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Double Run Session with Biscuits and Cakes

This week I did an double run session with a few miles of cycling either side of the last run.

It all started before 6:30am (before breakfast) with a short 1/2 mile run to the meeting point. Then we did a 10km (a bit longer at 6.25 miles) I did it in under 54 minutes and then a quick 1/2 mile back to get breakfast. The last 2 miles of that run I was starting to feel the effects of no breakfast.

Then before the evening run I did 50 minutes of cycling around the north of the town which required more acceleration points due to traffic lights and general road layouts.

I then did a fartlek session over 5 miles with the speed sections lasting about 1/4 mile including up hills. In the rest phase I was practising some nutrition for the ironman run and was eating 2 tuc biscuits. These are something different than all the gels and sports drinks I will be having plus they have some salt. When we got back there was even chocolate cake as it was this club's first anniversary, it would have been rude not have a large piece.

I decided against doing a warm down run lap due to the cake but I did a few miles on my bike instead of taking the direct route back.

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