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Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Update

Last week I did over 14 hours of training!!! This week I am having a well deserved easier week.

Below is a breakdown by time. It is now more accurately shown on my blog as I am using the weekly total values in to a information analysing tool (Excel) to get the percentage rather then doing it by eye from a stacked bar graph.

34% Cross Training
25% Running
22% Cycling
11% Swimming
9% Walking

The cross training includes a long gym session and being an assistant referee (controlled speedwork) at two matches.

The running includes a running speedwork session (not referee fitness training) and the Salisbury 10 mile race.

The Cycling was a single ride of a few hours out and back on a undulating/hilly in places route.

The swimming was a few longer (for me) sessions.

From my records I can see that I have been steadily increasing my training hours and distance which peak every third week with two easier weeks in between. This was not exactly planned but a bonus however I will have to start maintaining the higher volume weeks from now but still with a easier weeks built in to the training.
This was also a good mixture of training so not overusing one set of muscles.

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