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Monday, March 22, 2010

Using and should have used Technology

This week I have had examples of using technology and not using technology, I should have used technology all the time and normally would have.

When I went to watch a football match (was a very poor game) before I decided to go for some post match chips even though it was not yet Fry Day. So beforehand I used GoogleMaps Street view (now for the UK) to find the chip shop near the ground so I knew where head towards, when I got there was a queue and they had ran out of certain foods. However my only comments about the Google Maps Street View was the house numbers where misaligned with the location and that the camera was too high to see their menu in the chip shop!!

Then on the way back I thought I would not need my traffic alert ariel on my SatNav after 10pm, how wrong I could be. On two different motorways they closed all but one lane and on the last motorway this lane was the hard shoulder which I was stuck in a 2 mile traffic jam at 11pm!!! To top all that off they had closed a small section of the town's ring road so I had a minor diversion to the town centre and back, this roadworks I was aware off before hand. It just increased the journey time by 50%.

Then on the cycle rides this week I looked at a map and thought that looks a straight forward route to navigate and not on many major roads. However I did not check their profile which on the positive side did lead to some good training session on undulating/hilly cycle rides.

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