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Monday, January 11, 2010

More Running in the Snow

Today I continued the running to and from work (2.6M / 4.2km) in the snow with a ruck sack on. It took me 34 minutes in the morning but I was stopping to take some photos along the way (see below) and only 27 minutes on the way back in the evening in the dark thanks to Lars, this is a new Snow PB.

The temperature was a barmy 0c (32F) with no noticeable wind so was not as cold as recently. However as people had started to move around more and grit and clear some entrances the snow had become more slushy in places and made it more slippery, so extra caution was used at any junctions and driveways.

Snow covered playing field with distant trees.

Snow and Distant Trees

A snow covered hill in a park.

Snow covered hill

A Snow covered Treeline.

Treeline in Snow

A snow scene.

Snow scene

Snow shoe cam.

Snow Shoe Cam

Lars the Light Lego man. This was an ideal torch as I could fit in my hand while running and press the button and direct it while running. The route I picked had lots of street lights and plenty of cars so I did not need a torch in continuous use so this was ideal..


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