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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spin, Rinse and Run

Today I did Spin class, swimming and running all this afternoon.

The spin class was 30 minutes. My heart rate has never been that high on a bike before not even on the Ironman. That was due to faster than normal cadence (revs), changing resistance and effort.
I enjoyed the session after it was over and may do another one a few weeks time. I was glad I brought a towel and 500ml of lucozade sport, although next time I may bring a BIGGER drink and not wear my t shirt over the top of my tri suit.

Then after work I did a 30 minute swim session which was 100m reps in a 25m pool with narrow lanes.

Then about 15 minutes after that I went running. I did a hill with speedwork session plus I did 3 more reps of the last section of this session. I even went flying past one of the clubs faster runners, they were near the end of an 8 mile run but it was the same hill. I was running for an hour which I felt running and could feel some of my running fitness coming back.

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